September 7

I am sincerely enjoying my time at Umass. I love the independence and the feeling of managing my own schedule. I am much neater when I know no one else is cleaning up for me. I have a couple of good friends. Above is Deana. She is really sweet; she's the person I would go to if I wanted to have a long talk or if I was sad. Last night I was minutes away from sleep when Deana texted me saying, "Where you at i got studf 2 talk abou." So I lifted myself up from the comfort (or lack thereof, I have no mattress pad yet) of my bed and sat and talked with Deana for an hour. It was really nice because I didn't expect to have someone I can talk with about my life issues for a while. College days seem to have no end. Both nights I've been here I've gone back to my room, expecting to be done seeing people about three times only to go out again. Today I hung out in my new friend Alex's room. We just sat there but she is really cool and it was somehow the best part of my day. Earlier I was going to Amherst to see Adam with Deana, Leah and Emily. I met them all at orientation and spent most of today with them, napping, listening to music, and aimlessly walking around campus. Before we left for the movie Alex walked by so invited her, and that's how we became friends. 

This blog is going to be cut short because I just got invited into this room and am now hanging out with three drunk people. Drunk people are funny and nice.

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