September 18

I'm home! It feels weird to be here because I was just becoming accustomed to living somewhere else. Now I'm a vagabond, traveling without a seatbelt on. Returning home gave me a strong sense of nostalgia of whose type was foreign because it was nostalgia for something I haven't yet experienced. I can't wait for the feeling this winter break when I drive home in the snow and when I enter my house the pellet stove is warm and my mom is cooking dinner and somebody has to dry off Stella because she went out in the snow. And maybe I'll listen to "Listening to Otis Redding At Home During Christmas" by Okkervil River, because it's about returning to the comforts of home after being absent for a while, and I'll hang out with my high school friends and I'll love them as much as I always did but I'll know that I'm only a part of their lives now, not the whole of it. Coming home reminded me of this feeling, that I'll have someday, probably soon. The word "nostalgia" always makes me think of snow for some reason.

Falling out of touch with all my
friends are somewhere getting wasted,
hope they're staying glued together,
I have arms for them

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