September 2

This is packing, but really only about five minutes of it. I'm sick of being a boring blogger. All I listened to all day today was Sufjan Stevens. But the song of the day is "A Better Son/ Daughter" by Rilo Kiley. Tonight I drove to Lauren's house and I drove through an actual cloud. I know it was a cloud because suddenly I couldn't see anything and was surrounded by heavy fog on all sides. And when I got through it I parked the car and looked behind me and there it was, an actual cloud, in the middle of Princeton, and I had just driven through it. This was the first cloud I've met firsthand other than on a mountain or on a plane.

Most days, I have a habit of making mental notes of noteworthy occurrences so I can later write about them here. I did that today once, and it was when I exited the basement door of my house and there were no lights on, and when I stood on the green indoor-outdoor welcome rug outside, I felt its wrinkles with my feet and I feared for a second or two that I was standing on an animal Stella might have killed. I wasn't, but it reminded me that my entire life, whenever I stand on this welcome mat and it is dark and I can feel the wrinkles with my feet, I am afraid it might be a dead animal, mostly because one time it was one.

That's it.

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sjglick said...

you might be a boring blogger, but I like reading your blog :)