September 3

This is Zippy. Tonight my neighbors, Val and Barry, invited my family over for dinner in celebration of my going to college. Emily and I felt strange in their house because we spent so much time there as kids, and to return was a reminder of our childhood. We used to ring the doorbell everyday and either Val and Barry would bring us juice boxes. Sometimes they would bring us orange and banana flavor, and we hated that one. We couldn't drink it but we didn't tell them to be polite. Then we squirted them out in the bushes and went back for another juice box the next day. We haven't been over for dinner in maybe three years but it felt the same as it always did before. They made me a cake and gave me fuzzy socks and stationary, which are two things I really needed but are too decadent to buy myself.

I'm feeling kind of like a bad person and I'm afraid I won't believe anyone who tells me otherwise. Maybe I look good on the outside but they don't know me like I know me and I'm bad. I'm so scared to leave, two days. But at the same time, if I left any later, I'd be crazy.

It's weird to feel like you miss home before you're really gone.


#1 Fan said...

Phoebe, you are never bad. Sometimes events in life or a person's remarks are bad but you are good and sweet and an excellent friend, sister and daughter. You are GOOD! Your goodness shines out every day in the way you talk to people express your deep feelings of the joy and pain in life. I'm so grateful to know you.

JEN said...

I wish I knew my neighbors, yours sound nice.