September 15

Today after dinner I went to this kind of reclusive grove of maple trees with some of my friends. The trees were wide and strong and beautiful and it was that time of the day where the light on everything drives you crazy. I forgot my camera though, and this is a cell phone picture. Shoot me. It was just too pretty to not be picture of the day.

I bought a little notepad, about three inches wide. I'm going to carry it around in my back pocket and write down the stray thoughts I never know what to do with. So far I filled two pages with such nonsense that I already forgot what most of it means. I'm excited for tomorrow because I have my two favorite classes. I'm also starting to look forward to going home this weekend. It's only for one night; I wouldn't want to stay away for longer. But that's enough time to sit in my room completely alone, and just sit there, doing nothing, alone, just sitting. I miss that kind of thing here.

On another note, today was maybe the first time I felt really like this is my home. I've heard a lot of people compare what college feels like to a dreamworld or just a really elaborate summer camp. Both are really fun of course, but neither lasts too long. I hate my bed and my Lit class, and I love mostly everything else.

The song of the day is "Daylight" by Matt and Kim. The song of the day tomorrow and the day after that is also "Daylight" by Matt and Kim.


Kelsey Lee said...

dis pix is kewl esp. 4 a cell fone pix

Emily Glick said...
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Emily Glick said...

Guess I should actually find something to do with my friends this weekend.. since you want to be alone..

Jeph Green said...

Daylight is my ring-tone!