July 8

I didn't really take any pictures today; that's why the picture of the day was taken after my hike was over. I also don't really know what to say right now. Hiking for three days from Rodeo Beach, to Muir Beach, to Stinson Beach showed me so much beauty. I don't want to describe it though; I want to let my pictures describe it. Maybe, if I can, when I get home I will string them all together and people can look at them quickly, so they don't get too boring. But I want someone to see them.

It's hard to believe I still have a week left in California. My dad says that we just saw (on our hikes) a lot of land that many people in San Francisco will never see. That's a shame. If you lived ten minutes away from a thick and dark forest that you could walk through and see the ocean on the other side, wouldn't you spend as much time as possible walking through it again and again? The Pacific Ocean is too cold to swim in. It is perfect and crystalline and when you touch it with your thin skin it shows you how weak you are and numbs you until you have to retract your defenseless shell. So you just look at it and admire its impenetrable countenance, one of pride but not too much pride, or rather pride that is well-deserved. I went to California but did not swim in the ocean. I respect sublimity to the point that sometimes, I have to stay away. I haven't touched a horse since I stopped riding three years ago. But maybe I'm making excuses; I'm just afraid.

Song of the day is "Upon Viewing Brueghel's "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus."
God sent me a vision of the future


jennifer said...

i want to see all your pictures!!

Emily Glick said...

i thought the other one of the dog was better!