July 22

This summer has been maybe the best of my life, but that doesn't mean it hasn't had it's lows for me. I'm feeling terribly in limbo right now, especially because college is rapidly approaching. I desperately want to be completely at peace before the end of the summer; with myself and with my relationships with other people. To feel that way however, I need for time to stop moving so damn fast. Then I will have time to collect my thoughts and sleep in and write everyone in my life a long letter. That's what I think I will do. 

I will end this post with a beautiful piece of writing from someone very close to me. It is anonymous because it is a rather deep look into this person's soul.

When you miss someone desperately, hopelessly, and endlessly, you miss so much that eventually you use up all of the missing you have in you and then you realize there's none left and you don't miss anymore; it's all gone. That's when you're free and it's the only way to get there. Go straight through the pain and missing and heartbreak and come out on the other side alive. Alive. Alive.

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Kelsey Lee said...

beautiful post, all of it.