July 3

Day One of California trip. Mostly I just rode a plane today, for six hours. The hours during which I was watching Top Chef or reading my trashy magazine went by faster than the ones where I was attempting to sleep while resting the weight of my head on my oddly positioned wrist. All in all however, the flight was not bad. In the San Francisco airport I had my first celebrity encounter. Too bad it was the kind I can't boast about without revealing one of my guiltiest secrets. The secret is, that from time to time, if I'm really bored, and there's nothing else on, and no one wants to hang out, and my family is doing something else, and just because I want to make fun of the awful writing, and the awful acting, and the awful Christian overtones, I watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager. There I said it, it's out. Anyways, "Ricky" from the Secret Life walked past me in the airport, and simply out of shock for having somehow seen a complete stranger's face before, I may have gaped open-mouthed a little. And he smiled at me. It's not often that you so well recognize someone who cannot recognize you. Later Emily insisted that my dad take a picture of us with Ricky, who turned out to actually be Daren. Upon approaching the celebrity, whose halfway-buttoned plaid shirt revealed the skin of his celebrity torso and whose tan celebrity face beat my own by about five shades, my dad said, while pointing at us, "I don't know you. But they really do!"

Now I will ignore the self-consciousness I feel for having spent so long describing my encounter with a celebrity whose fan base is mostly made up of sexually repressed thirteen year-olds and move on to the rest of my day. Out of the airport, we drove through San Fransisco and into San Ramone. My great aunt and uncle live here and we are staying at their house. The weather is absolutely perfect. The temperature is about seventy five degrees with a slight wind. The sky is cloudless, and it has been so apparently since March. Tomorrow we are going to try to see as many noteworthy San Fransisco things as possible. The fourth of July will be a little bit of a hindrance. Today we ate dinner and drank wine on the back patio of the house. My uncle Frank initiated a conversation about Twitter, and "what the Sam hill is that for," and it led to the topic of technology and how it is taking over everything like a monster. And then that somehow led to the topic of Sarah Palin and how she is both scary and embarassing. Then my aunt Harlene said to me across the table, "Do you know about black..... eyed..... peas.....?"

So far, I love California!

We will always be a light
You can see it from the surface
See it?

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Bryan Diehl said...

This is probably my favorite picture of the day yet.