July 2

Today I visited Jeff in Providence with Steve and Liz. It was so fun! I love them. I like Providence. Maybe it's a little too "hip," but at least it's clean. 

I am not mentally ready to go to California for two weeks. My family goes on a trip every summer, and our last was the happiest time of my life. The next two weeks has a lot to live up to.

I have an idea, and the idea is postcards. I want to send everyone a postcard. So listen up, and write your address in a comment if you want one, and then check your mail. This is the first time I've communicated directly with my readers. 

Sometimes I wish I could blog about really personal matters. I dislike the term "shout out," but if I could, I would give one of these arbitrary recognitions right now.

Also, I don't think I'm going to do a song of the day anymore. Now that everyone has a song of the day I don't really like declaring mine because I've usually already read someone else's blog and they've proclaimed something else song of the day. Instead I'll just italicize lyrics!

Till next time, which may or not be tomorrow. Either way, my next blog will be from sunny California! 

Will someone please call a surgeon? 


Kelsey Lee said...

11 John Robert Drive
Rutland Ma, 01543

jennifer said...

1 bethany way
sterling ma 01564

shoot i could get stolen, but i love mail! i'd send you a post card but i can't leave this bed for a few weeks and there is nothing picture worthy in here

Graham Simpson said...

832 Church St
Hawley, PA 18428

JEN said...

who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart that you've deserted

44 Nola Dr. Holden, MA 01520

Stephen Cary said...

16 Merriam Rd, Princeton, MA 01541

I bet you had memorized it though

blackolive212 said...
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blackolive212 said...

1013 Main St. Reading, MA 01867

Love, John (oliver)

Terry Mondegreen said...

4915 Baymeadows Rd.
Unit 2 b
Jacksonville, FL 32217

I'll even send you one back.