July 20

I am very sorry for not blogging yesterday but it was out of my control. My memory card every so often deems itself "corrupted" and I lose all my pictures from that day. I didn't have much to say anyways, since yesterday and today were mostly taken up by Farmland. Today I left early and when I came home I felt so incredibly tired that I had to take a three hour nap. I think there are two kinds of being tired. One is being sleep deprived. The other is when your body is physically tired and an enormous amount of energy is required to do otherwise simple things like walk and stand. Today I felt both of these kinds of tired. Tonight will be fun and tomorrow is my day off. Except for that I am babysitting... but I kind of overlook that. Well at least I am money makin'!

The song of the day is "To Wild Homes" by the New Pornographers.

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Mich said...

8th grade life skills folder? =]