July 1

I didn't realize it was July until I typed the title to this post. This has happened before. What a bad way to enter into July. It rained all day and was barely sixty degrees. My blog is half finished, six months to go! I didn't hang out with anyone today. Tomorrow if all goes well Liz and Steve and I will visit Jeff in Providence. I'm excited because I haven't seen Liz or Jeff in a really long time. Actually it was really only a week. It frightens me how long a week seems these days. This Friday I will leave for California bitches. I don't think I am mentally ready to document the beauty I will encounter.

The song of the day is "Parallel or Together" by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists because I am on a Ted Leo kick as of the past two days. He is a fantastic lyricist. When I go to California I don't know how often I am going to be able to blog. I'm hoping it's at least a couple days. I really like the idea of a travel blog. 

Now I'm walking on downtown
In a town that is not my home
And shopping for breakfast
To be eaten all alone
And dreaming of houses
None of them that I own
But that's not my province
That's not for what I'm known
So gather around me
All the little pieces of a song
And fit them where they belong

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#1 Fan said...

why is your time stamp on this blog wrong? just wondering