July 29

I am too apathetic to edit this picture that I just took. Poor blog, so ugly for July 29. Today the best thing I did was probably talk to Ann in Panera for two hours. She grew up a lot. Unfortunately I will have to take another break from blogging this weekend. Tomorrow I am driving to Cape Cod to visit Liz, and then on Friday we are driving to the Newport Folk Festival. Also today I taught myself how to play two songs on the guitar: The Crane Wife and The Communist Daughter. My fingers hurt so bad I imagined little blood vessels popping inside of them. The song of the day is "Westfall" by Okkervil River, and no, I cannot play it on the guitar.

With cocoa leaves along the border
Sweetness sings from every  corner
Cars careening from the clouds
The bridges burst and twist around


JEN said...

I am glad that you are learning guitar! I didn't know if I had told you that yet. Someday you will definitely be better than me because I am not very good.

J. Frixj said...

Westfall is just Em, C, G, D. The entire song is those four chords and they're not even barre chords. Now you can play it on guitar!