July 16

I've worked two consecutive full days at Farmland and now I'm exhausted. That job is hard work, but it is nice to be making money again. I just saw Harry Potter 6 and it was great great great great I loved it. Today during my break I sat with three people I didn't really know very well. The girl sitting next to me's name was Megan and I liked her the most. We talked about Harry Potter and then the girl and boy across the table from us both shared the fact that they had ceased reading the series after the third book, because after that "they started getting big." This explanation was followed by laughs and scoffing, because they were too dumb to put into words "My attention span, even for children's books, is three hundred pages max." The point is, Harry Potter is awesome. I'm happy I don't have to work tomorrow. The song of the day is "Lisztomania" by Phoenix.

Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of something not in my kitchen!

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