September 31

I just typed a whole sentence in stream of conciousness and then realized it was just really bad writing masquerading under the facade of that literary device. I am so tired though, I can't write right now. Today I bought food, so nobody freak out that I'm dying. Then I was inspired to clean my dorm room and it looks perfect. Everything is becoming dusty though. I want to buy a duster, but I am wondering, what do you do with your dusty duster after you dust? 

So tired thoughts don't make coherent sense. I ate so much food tonight. Oh and we are still watching Little Doritt in my Literary Classics on Film class. I am actually enjoying it though, which surprises me. Today I interspersed watching the film with reading a portion of a book that was about how anarchy trumps over hierarchy. It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. 

But now I gotta close em'.

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