October 6

I had every intention to blog today, but when I was getting ready to bed I had to go take care of Alex cause she was sick. Everyone needs someone to take care of them when they're sick. Especially at college because moms are so foreign to the college world. So I filled in. And Alex said I would make a good mom which is weird cause I don't really have nurturing instincts, but when someone you care about is sick, it's weird, it like spurs a gut reaction in which you're a temporary mother/ nurse and you run down to the second floor to ask Kelsey, who you've never met before, to borrow a thermometer to check what you already know is true. If I get sick at college, somebody better take care of me, or else I'm teleporting my mother.

This was a good day!

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Anonymous said...

girl, you know I'll take care of you if you get sick.