October 18

This shoe is picture of the day cause it's the best shoe ever and I bought it off my sister. She bought it at the thrift store for two dollars and fifty cents and I'm paying her forty dollars for it. Hm. For some reason I drew circles all over the palm side of my hand with purple pen and I keep looking down at it and thinking I have boils. Today we had started a Butterfield Radical Reading Circle. There's only seven of us, not including our RA, and we decided on three short stories for next week. It's kind of cool because it's an excuse to force your friends to read your favorite books/ stories. Afterwards, Alex Dan Pat and I decided we wanted to start our own club for radical thoughts. There weren't any concrete objectives for the club and every time we tried to verbally explain it it was a different thing. The best I can do now is that we will decide on a mission statement, and have a series of very vague goals. We wanted it to be an exclusive club but that opened up a whole new can of worms. I just want my mind to be constantly probed by other people. Then we wrote a list of things we wanted to do and it was three pages long. Here are some random samples from the compiled list:

Buy a ten dollar marker
Be athletically fit
Make agrobombs (look it up)
Kiss your friends
Be a vegan for a week
Go on a road trip
Write poetry
Rent a videocamera and make a film
Be naked in a nonsexual way
Eliminate insecurity
Make our own rootbeer
No longer take any medication
Aimlessly wander until we find a place that hasn't been found by anyone before

I should stop now before my sample gets too long.  This morning it was snowing like crazy in Holden. The snowflakes were big intimidating chips. Right now I'm in the lounge and a girl named Tori is listening to some rap music that keeps saying "Outta Control!" and has really loud synths. I think I'm gonna go read over the list again and then go to bed.

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