October 14

If you're wondering what this is, well, it's a bag of cookies. Except the cookies were completely crushed up because they stuck to the pan and Laura had to peel them out piece by piece. Their fragmented structure had no effect on the taste however, they were delicious. I decided tomorrow is going to be the first day of my diet. I don't feel like I need to lose weight necessarily, I just only noticed today how I'm developing the utterly fatal mentality of "food in sight eat it." Today for lunch I ate a giant waffle. Just ate the whole thing. And I realized somewhere halfway into it that a giant waffle, made on the waffle iron, is just thermal energy added to goopy flesh-colored liquid with the consistency of glue. Yeah lunch! I'm hungry.

I'm about halfway done with my monster art history paper, but the second half will be harder, so I guess that makes me less than half done. Oh well, I've conquered most of my self-doubts at this point and embraced the mindset that I'm going to get an A and I am. I am. Tomorrow morning Pat is having a "Pancake Pollooza" in the lounge. Hmm... I guess my diet will start after breakfast.

Today I had an anthropology exam and I think I did okay on it. The song of the day is "The Calculation" by Regina Spektor. I like her new album now. What is poetry. Somebody give me a clue. I'm not creative. Everything I write is either contrived or just a string of random images. So frustrating. Why can't I just write nonfiction.


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sjglick said...

She played "The Calculation" on SNL and I loved it. Great passion and lyrics.