October 22

I thought it was really important that this be photo of the day, for obvious reasons. It felt really nice to have no work today. I wrote a lot of poetry. I think I'm getting the hang of it; I guess it no longer feels unnatural. A boy named Eliot came to my Antro discussion and he had never been there before. He talked more than the rest of the class combined (usually the discussions consist of our TA presenting interrogations to a generally mute group of disinterested upperclassmen), which inspired me to talk more. It's sad when people have no desire to learn, and this kind of people make up my discussion section. From Anthro I went to the dining hall and Eliot asked if he could sit with me. He asked me if the discussion was usually that quiet and I told him it was usually quieter. Then we pretty much continued what we were talking about in the section and it was a very stimulating conversation. Eliot is a senior and he is going to work for the government. Sucks for him, I guess. I better not be in a entry level class like this one when I'm a senior. By that time, I hope everyone I'm surrounded by desperately wants to soak up any knowledge they possibly can.

In my Lit class, my teacher presented the extremely fuzzy prompt of "take five minutes and write whatever's on your mind and then you'll have to read it out loud go." It was awesome. I wrote about bugs. It reminded me of how much I miss having an actual English class, you know, where you write and stuff. But the reason the exercise was so awesome is because most, if not all the people in the class were uncomfortable with reading their private thoughts out loud, and without time to revise or structure their pieces the way they would seem most interesting or charming, they really were private stills of everyone's thoughts. In ten sentences, one can very easily paint an accurate picture of personality and innermost desires. Maybe I'm being dramatic. I'm excited for Art History tomorrow. 

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JEN said...

I like this post. =]
I miss English classes also...