October 5

Well, I've been failing lately as a regular blogger, haven't I. Since I've last blogged, all that happened is that I still can't write poetry. That's not true, a lot more happened. My weekend was tumultuous. I think my favorite part of college is late-night conversations. Mostly just with two people. 

I have done more self-reflecting in the four weeks I've been here than in the rest of my life combined.

This weekend is the march on D.C. Tonight I went to the fifth planning meeting and became really touched by personal anecdotes of a lot of the people there. I'm really becoming attached to this cause, even though I didn't have much to go on beforehand other then my basic instinct that a person's sexuality is wholly controlled by them, and cannot take away from their person as a whole. The leaders of the meeting were encouraging everyone there to speak at the rally on campus this Thursday, especially the newcomers. They say a person who speaks in front of a crowd and says "This is my first time doing this, I'm really scared, but that's how important this cause is to me" can have a much more powerful affect than a seasoned protester. We'll see about that. It's not the public speaking that scares me, it's that I don't think I know enough about what I'd be defending. We'll see.

I wrote a short story! And I bought two zines! I like Amherst. Right now I am in the lounge and I feel like there is no one else in the world besides me. It's so late and I need sleep but I do homework approximately at the rate that a sloth crosses a street.


#1 fan said...

is that a roach?

Dave said...

I think its a flea?

jennifer said...

it was only 10:59.....phoebe in college that is not late!

Phoebe Glick said...

that's in pacific coast time, it was really 2!