November 9

Today was the most beautiful day in a very long time. I sat outside in the woods with Pat when it got dark and we just talked. It wasn't very far in the woods, just up the little hill on the side of Butterfield and back into the trees a little. It was very peaceful and beautiful back there. We were high up enough to look out and see Butterfield all lit up, and behind it, the rest of the campus and then the mountains. We talked a little bit about being lonely and how everyone feels it at college, at least on some occasions. Some people feel it more than others. Ah, lonliness. What is even worse than lonliness. Not much. But all in all, today was a really good one.

Getting better is so much superior to getting worse. I'm pretty much over my sickness, which is really relieving. There are so many people here who are really sick. An absurd number of people in our dorm have swine flu. At least they don't have swan flu... yet. Oh I left my laptop charger at home, so I have to either bum off other people or just let my computer die. It's great, because I don't have a phone either, so now I can be almost completely cut off from technology and the outside world. It's like I'm doing this to myself on purpose.

I hope I do a better job figuring out alarm clocks tomorrow.

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