November 3

Before I took this picture I took one of a stink bug. But I had to delete it because I can't get the memory of crushing one to death with my body, in my bed, out of my head, and it creeps me the hell out. Today I went to the Radical Student Union meeting. It was pretty cool. I love days where the dining hall has cranberry sauce. Apparently it is Thanksgiving about once a week around here.

I NEED TO CLEAN MY ROOM. I just danced in the basement for like half an hour. My neck is really sore but not from dancing, from sleeping weird. I wore my new Belle and Sebastian shirt today. And I wrote a poem about my least favorite state. My English class was cancelled and Alex found a copy of the Bhagavad Gita on the ground outside Hasbrouck. I am jealous.

I guess I'm in this state where my mind can't produce anything other than unrelated sentences strung together clumsily. I am constantly bothered by the fact that if questioned to produce an interesting fact about myself, the first thing that perpetually comes to mind is my body's utter lack of capability to throw up. What a sad existence I must lead, if that is my most interesting factoid.

The song of the day is "Either Way" by Wilco. Oh also, I am sometimes called "the other phoebe."