November 15

Ahh man. I'm getting ready for a break. Aka Thanksgiving. Various forces are making it occasionally difficult to be here. That said, I had a really fun weekend. Tomorrow I get a replacement cell phone in the mail! Hallelujah. No cell phone = reduced contact with other humans. Depressing, but that's the way it is. I'm kind of in a melancholy mood and that's why this blog sounds like I'm really sad. I'm not that sad. Just really disillusioned.

November's halfway over. If you're reading this and you planned to submit something to Auraphice (our zine), you should do it, if you haven't already. You should write something right now, and put it in an envelope, or put something you've already written in an envelope. And send it to me. Thank you. We really only have about fifteen more days of fall. I don't know anyone who considers December fall. Today was so warm and beautiful. It reminded me of spring, which is a cruel trick by nature. I must have seasonal depression. Winter sends me into ennui before it even starts. Time to pretend to do homework.

Song of the day is "Lullabies" by Defiance, Ohio.


J037 said...

I feel exactly the same way about winter.

s.fahey said...


My mother bought me a SUN LAMP to combat seasonal affective disorder.

All you need to do is sit under it for TEN MINUTES A DAY and you will be happy forever!

It's sitting in my room waiting for you.