November 11

This is a note Nicole Reynolds left on my door for me this weekend. She also taped a tiny flower to the door. I put the flower on my desk shelf, next to an assortment of unrelated objects I've been collecting: a whistle in the shape of a bear, a tiny plastic dragon, a metrocard, a Magic Hat bottlecap, and three colored erasers. Today was the best day of my week so far. Alex is back! And tonight we cooked dinner and ate it in the lounge. There were just ten of us and we dressed up. I made up identities for everyone, like the teenage son with gender identity issues and the middle-aged aunt who never got married and everyone secretly knows why. Everyone started acting in character which was fun, except I could only play along so much because I was the cat. Pat did most of the cooking and he made these honeyed pears with brie cheese in the middle. Those were probably the classiest part of the night.

Today I rescued two stink bugs. I'm sick of stink bugs. Are they going to go away once it's winter? The song of the day is "She's Losing it" by Belle and Sebastian because I played it in my room and danced around by myself. The trumpet part reminds me of Liz and Steve. My friend Lauren made an interesting analogy. I was telling her how I lost my phone and she had lost hers too recently. She said that losing your phone is kind of like being kidnapped and held by a captor. And at first you're terrified and hate your situation and think your captor is a monster but as time goes by you recognize the humanness of your captor and eventually develop an affinity for them. This struck me as a relevant yet extremely obscure comparison to losing one's phone.

Break my arms around the one I love
And be forgiven by the time my lover comes
Break my arms around my love


JEN said...

I like this post. Brie cheese is tasty and your dinner sounds fun. =]

Loren said...

Nicole Reynolds?! from leominster?? I love her, tell her I say hello =]