December 31

2009 is gone and I feel like a part of me has died. Even writing this now, seems near transcendental. I've never attached as much sentimentality to a year as I have to this one and I miss it so much, already. It provoked more change in me than I have seen maybe in my entire life to date, some painful, some incredibly beautiful. If I could sum up the year in three words, perhaps they would be




I hope every year is like this. Please read my new blog, the link is Write to me! I love all of you. Thank you for reading this; this blog is an exposition of my mind, heart, and soul, and I feel incredibly honored that anyone would allow me the privilege of being heard. I encourage everyone who has ever felt the urge to write to do so; do not let the fear of being judged ever touch you. Never be ashamed of your mind, your passions, your creations, or your desires. My mind will forever be set on fire by the brilliance of others, and especially, by those close to me.

Here's to 2009.

on the edge
the view is clouded,
the majesty of weather
seeps through my skin:
and uninhibited.

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jennifer said...

good job phoebe! you did it!!! i'm starting my new blog feb 1st because that is when i am celebrating the new year!