December 29

I just read my blog from the entire month of August. I think August was my favorite month of this year. Good job, August. It was my favorite because it was so emotional: every emotion, rampant in me. And it was beautiful, and warm, and the end of my summer and thus my childhood. Is that too melodramatic?

In two days I'm going to post a link to my new blog here. I don't know if it can live up to this one, I don't know if I have it in me. But I will try. Also, I would like to request a favor.

The only reason I've kept up this blog every day this year, I mean the only reason, is that people read it and (I presume) like it. I've always wanted to do this, and I'm still not so certain it isn't pretentious (what is more dangerous than being pretentious?). If you are so inclined, please let me know if you've been reading or liking My Year in Photos. Like in an email or something, or a comment, or a message, or a letter, or a smoke signal, or a telepathic brainwave (the last one might not get to me). Or anything else. And you don't really have to say anything. But I'd love love love to know what you thought of it, or what it made you think while reading it. Especially if you have never told me. Also especially if I don't even know I'm writing to you! Alright that's enough talking about myself. Oh wait, that's all I've been doing for a year.

Do you know how people remember flashes or certain incidents from the past? I remember the bear cave from the Ecotarium when my mom used to take us when we were so young. I also remember the thermos she put coffee in to bring on those trips. But I don't remember anything else about them. Today I was thinking how greatly I wish that I would know, or at least have an inclination, that what I'm about to see is something I'll remember for years into the future. How much more I would pay attention!

take me back to the two days in summer
where the metal bridge in the distance
held the promise of adventure.
the rain on the highway, drowning out my senses -
no match for the swell of music, the smell of fish in the air -
was fleeting, just like that weekend.
our swords lay peaceful those nights;
taut mesh and loving resolve
kept out the mosquitoes.


Mary said...

phoebe. i am going risk extreme embarrassment and be entirely honest with you. i have read every single one of your entires. like, one day recently i sat down and read them all. i started following you a few weeks ago and i was so interested i just had to read everything.

you are a great writer and a great photographer as well. your entries are so interesting and you have completely inspired me in my own desire to blog and improve my own writing. please keep doing what you are doing.

and you are most certainly not pretentious! :)

Mary said...

and by entires i mean entries, although i'm sure if entires were such a thing you would be good at those too.

jennifer said...

i read and i like!

Alexandra Emmett said...

I know you don't know me very well, or at all, but I have read all of your entries in this blog and I have loved every single one of them! You are an incredible writer, and quite poetic! I am extremely interested in reading your next blog and seeing where life takes you. Never stop writing!


Sam said...

This is my smoke signal. You are incredibly insightful and, in the very best of ways, a tiny part of me is jealous of how bright and thoughtful you are.

On another note, the armadillo was a little sad.

Happy New Year Phoebe.

Lauren Ray said...

Hi Phoebe! I posted this before you posed your question. Funny how things like this work out sometimes.


Dave said...

I have read every entry. I am not sure how I felt about it. There were times that I was frustrated with you. Times where I was jealous. Times that I identified with you and times where you completely lost me. I read, I think, because I knew you and because of our common interest in photography and college. I think my wish for your future writing is for more honesty. Not that you were dishonest at all, but you held back I think. I have enjoyed this window into who you are nonetheless and will follow along in the future I'm sure.
Thank you.

JEN said...

I've been reading, but you know that. It's just a nice insight into another human's life, I read everyone's blogs pretty much, and often you bring up something thought provoking. =]
Happy New Year, see you tonight!

Kate said...

I came across your blog on December 28th of this year, really loving it, and hoping you would continue another one in 2010!

Kelsey Lee said...

August was a good month.

I've read every post. Even before we were friends at the beginning of the year I would sneak my way on here just to see what you had to say. You influenced me to get a blog myself and made me realize one of my passions was writing. I am going to miss POTD, but I'm sure the next will be just as interesting no matter what it consists of.

Goodbye'09 <3 <3 no regretz
in our heartz forevah