December 22

You know how all tragic heroes have one fatal flaw? In the end, if it turns out that I was a tragic hero this whole time, my fatal flaw would probably be pudding. Pudding is a harmful to me, and I have learned and re-learned this fact many times. Yet somehow, despite the consequences, I am seemingly brought down by pudding time after time. I cannot resist it, and it always betrays me. This will be my downfall.

In other news, I just got back from going to New York City and coming home with Lanny and Michela. It was so fun! I didn't even realize the extent that I missed my friends. I'm so glad I'm spending a month here. On the way home, we listened and screamed along to music that I can only best describe as "shit music." Shit music in the sense that we all are made extremely happy to hear any of it. Steve describes a certain form of laughing as producing tremors long after the fact. I have a few of these tremors now. For example, every time I think of Lanny's interpretation of a Jewel song. My friends!

Tomorrow I have a one-day job at a honeyed ham store. That is not a joke, as far as I know. To be honest, I can't really describe how I got this job, what I will be doing, and why I agreed to it. Actually, I will make money, something that I don't see too often these days, so I guess that's the answer to the third part. I have to wake up at five thirty. I haven't woken up before eight in four months.

....This is gonna be fun!